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My Dryer Smells Funny

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  • Why Does My Clean Laundry Smell Bad? - Simplemost

    Mar 21, 2012· Just had a new Samsung dryer installed yesterday. Delivery and installation seemed to go great. Delivery guy tested it and said to let the cycle finish because of the smell that may happen. I figured that was normal. Later in the evening my wife and I wanted to start using our new appliance. She put the first load into the dryer, it ran for a few minutes and then stopped automatically. We ...

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  • Weird smell in my dryer? | Yahoo Answers

    Jun 15, 2005· Lately I have noticed a residual funky smell in my clothes after washing and drying. (Think used towels. ... Funky smelling washed/dried clothes June 15, ... I have a hard time telling if clothes are wet when they're just out of the dryer so it's hit me a couple of times. I've forced myself to use much smaller loads so that things do come out dry.

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  • Uh...why does my clean laundry smell like dirty feet ...

    Jul 17, 2017· You expect your clean clothes to come out of your dryer smelling fresh, so when they smell of lighter fluid or butane, the foul odor might offend. Short of leaving a lighter in a pants pocket that exploded in the dryer, it may be difficult to imagine how the smell got into your clothing.

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  • Smelly Dryer? - Mamapedia™

    Dec 14, 2018· Opening your dryer should release a pleasant, clean smell, not a musty or sweaty odor. If your dryer reeks of last week's socks or damp workout clothes, chances are there's a …

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  • My Gas Dryer Is Leaving the Smell of Lighter Fluid on My ...

    Sep 17, 2015· You may be using too much detergent. Laundry detergents contain a mixture of alkyl-sulfate surfactants, which are derived from organic fats. Use too much, and the foam lather at the surface won't rinse away, but instead will cling to the liner jus...

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  • Why Does My Washing Machine Smell Funny? | Fred's Appliance

    What in the heck is wrong with my dryer?! Other than the fact that it's like 15 years old and barely alive. Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Uh...why does my clean laundry smell like dirty feet? ... Once a month I run an empty cycle with bleach. I started doing this when our towels started smelling funny. It helped a lot. Report 0 Reply.

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  • Burning smell from electric dryer, was it just lint? : DIY

    Burning smell from electric dryer, was it just lint? help. ... if that's what was causing the smell. But perhaps my expectations were unrealistic and this could still be the cause? Since I don't have much experience with dryer repair I just don't know. Of course I can vacuum it out and put it back together and see if it still smells, but if ...

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  • Why is my dryer shutting off with a burnt smell and wonâ ...

    Nov 23, 2007· I have a natural gas heater in my garage and it does not vent outdoors so if there are fumes from chemicals, it burns these and the garage can really smell badly. So i don't think it would be far fetched if you used the paint thinner nearby the dryer for the dryer to have sucked in the combustion air with the fumes to make the clothes smell.

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  • Why does the electric dryer smell like kerosene - Answers

    The clothes are apparently stain free and washed with good detergent. I never let the clothes sit in the machine after washing, they go in the dryer. The clothes after being dried feel greasy and have a bad sewer smell to it. I go to bed and if my sheets have that smell I do …

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  • electric dryer smells like lighter fluid - Appliance ...

    I would make sure your dryer vent tube is totally clear. They can get blocked. Maybe something like a /animal nest blocked it and it smells funny from that? I have heard of washers getting a moldy smell from leaving the door shut after a load of wash, but not a smelly dryer. Did you try googling 'smelly dryer' to see if you can find an ...

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  • How to Get Moldy Smell Out of a Dryer | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Dryer Repair - How to Fix a Smelly Dryer Dryer Repair Troubleshooting Guide When you wash your clothes you expect them to come out clean and smelling nice. Unfortunately, if your dryer smells bad it can bake the stink into your clothes as it dries, forcing you to rewash your laundry. We understand

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  • Causes of a Burning Smell in Your Dryer | Hunker

    My dh says that he cant smell anything odd. I use fairy tablets and softner in my washing maching but nothing in the tumble dryer now, I did use bounce sheets that I had in the cupboard for years but stopped because I thought maybe they were off and that's what was causing the smell but everything smells the same regardless.

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  • Tumble dryer making clothes smell? | Netmums

    We recently purchased a Samsung dryer (DV56H9100EW), and were excited to use it. When we ran it the first time to test it, it was empty, and it smelled like it was burning or on fire. We immediately shut it off, and the smell dissipated after a few minutes. We ran it again, and the smell came bac...

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  • Burning Smell From Clothes Dryer - How To Fix ...

    Apr 18, 2011· I noticed my 80 series Kenmore electric dryer model# 110.62802101 smells like lighter fluid while running the other day. Upon further examination it seems to be coming from my heating elements. I opened the dryer up and checked for debris in the elements but found it clean.

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  • Gas Clothes Dryer making clothes smell like burnt oil ...

    Jan 20, 2020· If your clothes smell after washing, it’s usually due to one of these four reasons. Luckily there are things you can do about each of them. If clothes smell musty or washing smells musty when dry, the answer is to take them out of the machine as soon as the wash has finished.

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  • Gas smell from dryer when opening the door - Kenmore Elite ...

    Burning smell from new dryer element. Close. 8. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Burning smell from new dryer element. I just replaced a dead element on my dryer. When I opened the cabinet, there was some rather charred lint in the element housing. I took my shop vac to the element housing and the inside of the dryer. ... Noticed a burning ...

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  • How to Remove Musty Smells from the Dryer » How To Clean ...

    Musty smells in the dryer can quickly ruin a nice, fresh-smelling clean load of laundry. Try these methods to locate and remove the problem. Locate the Problem: Remove the dryer vent and vacuum out any debris or lint that may have become trapped.

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  • Why Does my Dryer Smell Bad?_ Is There a Dead Animal in my ...

    Apr 24, 2017· You usually love the way fresh laundry smells, but if clothes are coming out of your washer and dryer with a less-than-spring-fresh scent, there’s a …

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  • gas dryer smell - Forum - Bob Vila

    I am having same problem with my kenmore elite gas dryer. My machine is not brand new though just a few years old. While I had a load going in the dryer, I started to notice a burning of something kinda smell and realized it was somehow from my dryer. I opened dryer and smoke actually came out of it. Never happened before.

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  • Solved: Dryer DV56H9100EW First Run Burning Smells ...

    Gas smell from dryer when opening the door. I smell gas when opening the dryer door but do not smell gas when dryer is shut. The dryer vent seems clear as there is good air exhaust. Is this likely a problem with a gas valve shutoff on the dryer or a gas connection to the dryer? ... Funny smell from a gas dryer: If you are having trouble with a ...

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  • Funky smelling washed/dried clothes - laundry help | Ask ...

    Feb 19, 2020· How to Troubleshoot a Dryer That Smells Like It Is Burning. A burning smell coming from your dryer is not a good sign—it's a fire hazard. Try removing any built up lint from the lint catcher, cleaning the inside of the dryer, and/or c...

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  • Clothes Smell Bad After Washing | ThriftyFun

    Oct 20, 2011· I have been noticing a weird smell in my dryer. I also notice that when I dry clothes in it, it makes the clothes smell like that. I just got this washer and dryer in January brand new (Samsung). When I wash clothes I use detergent, Clorox 2 and fabric softener to rid smell! Please help :)

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  • Laundry: Why do my clothes smell bad when drying every ...

    LG Help Library : There is a strange smell coming from my LG washing machine, how can I get rid of it?. Learn about product installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting using our search options.

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  • Dryer Repair – My Dryer Smells | It Is Fixed Appliance Repair

    Dec 06, 2018· The moldy smell in your dryer could be a result of leaving wet clothes in the dryer too long or built-up lint that has become damp and moldy. It's best to get rid of the moldy smell before the ...

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  • Burning smell from new dryer element : HomeImprovement

    Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a Kenmore dryer model 110.68972892. I noticed a burnt odor and the dryer shut off. It would not restart. After cooling down for about an hour it will start but it still smells funny. Do you have any idea what is causing this?

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  • 4 Ways to Troubleshoot a Dryer That Smells Like It Is Burning

    I am getting a strasnge smell from my 2 year old gas dryer. It is not a gas smell. It smells like something is burning. The smell is not overpowering does not cause you leave the room.

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  • New dryer burning smell? | Yahoo Answers

    The combination of heat, water, and lint sitting in your dryer vent create a smell similar to a dead animal. Who knew! I’m not saying you don’t have an animal in your vent, but the odds are low. At VentSmart Dryer Vent Cleaning we’ve cleaned over 10’000 dryer vents with very few animal encounters.

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  • LG Help Library : There is a strange smell coming from my ...

    Burning smells in your clothes dryer can signify a simple, easily-fixed problem, or something much more serious. In fact, problems with clothes dryers often start house fires, according to Dryer Help. For that reason, it is important to promptly identify and solve any problem that causes a burning smell in your dryer.

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  • What to do when your clothes smell musty after washing ...

    Keep your washer and dryer smelling fresh and clean with these tips.. Unpleasant odors in your washer and dryer will cause your laundry room to take on a nasty smell, and that smell will also ...

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  • How to avoid sour odors in your washer and dryer – SheKnows

    Jan 13, 2009· When heated, the oils could smell slightly similar to the smell of a gas dryer. Or, your dryer could be pulling in odors (car exhaust fumes, outdoor cooking grills, etc.) from outside through the ...

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